Teenagers really like stickers (Make your displays interactive!) #tlchat


Last year, we put up a display about movies that have been made into books.  We gave students a strip of stickers that we printed (on label sheets) that looked like the Facebook “like” symbol.  The students could then put as many stickers they liked on the display. 

One student came up to me after she had participated and said, “Thanks for having this display.  I was looking forward to doing this all day!”  The display was a huge success as far as participation goes and we even checked out a few of the books!

This year, right before Thanksgiving, we asked students to vote for their favorite types of pie.  Again, we put out stickers.  It turns out that the apple pie fans were very adamant about their choice because at the end their were more votes for apple than we have students in the school!  Here is a picture after the first few hours of voting.  The display behind it is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books relating to all aspects of food.



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