Best Book of the Year display #tlchat

Tell students that something is one of the Best Book of the year, and they don’t really care who says so.  They just check them out. 

Here is our new best books display.  Inside each book is a bookmark with a sticker that represents which lists the book is on.  Some have multiple dots, such as Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell which is on at least five lists, so far.  The lists we used included so far: Barnes and Noble, School Library Journal, Goodreads, Kirkus, Hornbook, NYTimes, American Library Association/ ALSC tween reads.  As more lists come out, we will add more stickers to the bookmarks, or add  more books to the display.    We have a key to the display so our patrons can see who is recommending the book.

When the books get checked out, we hold on to the bookmark, and put it back up on the display when they are returned.  We also made this display in 2012 and it stayed up for longer than any of our others since it was so successful.  I also have hopes of many of these books getting checked out (and read)  over winter break.



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