Find your way to another world! Fantasy library display #tlchat #librarydisplay

ImageThe signpost with different fantasy worlds was a lot of fun to make.  Our library purchased book jacket covers on rolls and I have saved the empty rolls for a few years.  I hot glued several on top of each other to make the post.  The Demco brand includes plastic holders for the rolls, and I put one on the bottom of the box so the post could stand up.  I cut out the signs from cardboard and painted them to look like directional signs. 

I put this up yesterday after school and have gotten great reactions out of the students.  One of them said, “This display should be the only display.  It should stay here forever.”  I have gotten some abuse that I have the Shire and Middle Earth pointing in different directions.  When I answered that all of these places exist in the same place, our imagination, I got shushed.  The students want them to be real, especially Hogwarts!


Here is a close up of the directional sign that I made.


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