Awesome box. This is so cool! #tlchat #awesomebox

photo 1(14)The Faulkner library just got an awesome box.   The Harvard Library Innovation Lab has set up a website for us.  When students return items that they think are awesome, we scan the barcode, and the covers appear on our awesome box page.

  photo 2(13)

We love it!  The students are talking about it, and we will see how many things get put into the box.  So far, one student went around and found her favorite books to put into it.  She doesn’t borrow a lot of fiction from our library, but I found out that she has an extensive personal library. So it already created a new connection.

It’s such an easy way to get students to recommend books to each other.

Thank you awesome box creators!  Here is a slide show that gives more information.  You might want to get your own!


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