Sweet Reads Interactive library display with directions on how to make a giant Hershey’s Kiss#librarydisplays #tlchat


I just put up this “Sweet Reads” display at the end of school yesterday.  Students complained that I was tempting them, but not giving them chocolate.  I told them that they could earn a Hershey’s kiss by doing a small library related task.  I’m breaking it down by grade level.

5th-9th graders:   Each day I am posting a Dewey number, students have to find a title that has that number on its spine.  When they tell us a probable title, they get a kiss.

10th graders, who are starting a History research paper:  Show us a Facts on File article about your topic.

11th graders:  Sign up for a JSTOR account.

12th graders:  For their top college choice, find the name of the main library and tell us the hours during the regular semester.

Not too, many takers so far, but it is the morning and maybe the chocolate cravings have not started yet.

Here are directions for Making a giant Hershey’s kiss:


  • A big piece of carboard
  • A large compass (my Geometry teacher had one for the chalkboard which was perfect)
  • a 75 sq feet box of tin foil
  • crumpled up newspapers
  • a tag for the top of your kiss

1. Cut a circle out of cardboard (mine was a little too big for the height of my finished kiss)


2. Tear long sheets of foil off of the roll and layer them so the circle can go in the middle of them.


3.  Place crumpled up newspaper in the center of the cardboard.  Image

4. Pull of the sheets of foil, continue stuffing and shaping as you go.photo 4(7)5.   Now, you have to massage this, quite a bit to get it to the correct shape.  I had to add an extra layer of foil to get the kiss to retain it’s shape.

6.  Add your message at the top, and you are finished.


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