New Display “Your Book Superlatives” #tlchat #librarydisplay

photo 1(23)Here’s an interactive display that is fun.  We made up some categories and made labels for them and displayed one book behind each one.  Here are some of the categories:

  • Most likely to make you cry
  • Prettiest cover
  • Strangest format
  • Most likely to be the next blockbuster
  • Best movie adaptation
  • Most likely to change your mind
  • Cutest Couple
  • Best Romance
  • Most likely to make you laugh out loud

I invited the students to disagree with me and place their favorites in these categories or to make up their own categories.  I am able to make announcements to our whole Upper School, and during my announcement about this display, I asked them to “keep it clean.”

This display took very little time to set up, just thinking of, and printing out the categories. Plus choosing books to put in each one.






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