Fractured Fairy Tales #librarydisplay

photo 3(19)For this fun display, we gathered all of our fairy tales and fractured fairy tales together.  Before I could take a picture, five of the books were checked out.

We made a tower out of a tube that our book covers come on.  It is a thick tube so it was difficult to cut the window, but perseverance with a box cutter paid off.  I printed out a cartoonish brick wall and wrapped the tube.  Then I put black construction paper inside of it.  I made a roof with a cone of black construction paper.  After I added a long braid of yarn, it was 1(27)In the display is also a gingerbread house.  I wanted to make a real one, but we have a mouse at the moment, and I knew it would be eaten.   My assistant brought in her daughter’s glass slipper that was purchased at the Disney store.  We also have a mirror for the Snow White 2(26)We gathered all of the Cinderella spin offs together near the glass slipper.  The Rapunzel stories are near the tower, of course.


One thought on “Fractured Fairy Tales #librarydisplay

  1. I love your display! Thank you for sharing this. I think I’ll attempt creating a similar display for our elementary school library. 🙂

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