Back to school displays

The first days that the students came back to school I did the simplest thing:  I put out a sign that said “What was the best thing you read this summer?”  I put a pile of sticky notes and a pen out.  I wrote my best book and stuck it on the wall.  Then, magically other people did too!  Also the pen and sticky pad did not 1 (1)

Then, a few days later,  we put out our new books with the song title “Since You’ve Been Gone”.  photo 2 (1)

I rewrote some words from one verse about ordering books and now I got, I got what you want/ Since you’ve been gone.

No comment from the students.  It must not have been much of a hit.  Also a lot was going on with the getting used to being back in school.

photo 3 (1)


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