“Read” web inspired by Charlotte’s Web #librarydisplays

photo 4 (7)I saw this on pinterest, and just had to make one.   I used yarn and pipe cleaners.   I had a perfect spot for it, too, where I had never put a display before.

To make one for yourself, get some white or gray yarn. String up the four main structural pieces of the web.photo 1 (9)

  1. From top to bottom in the middle
  2. From side to side in the middle
  3. One diagonally from top to bottom
  4. and the other diagonal piece

Next, I cut a very long piece of yarn and wound it around a piece of card stock, so tying knots with it would be easier.photo 2 (9) Starting in the center, I tied knots making a spiral as I went.  If one of the strands was sagging because it wasn’t tight enough, I just make the spiral bigger.

When I finished the spiral, I added pipe cleaner words.  You might want a different color than white, but I like the subtleness of the web.  The gray yarn I have is a little sparkly so it looks like there is dew on the web. This picture might be clearer here, with the lights behind the web turned off:

photo (8)


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