It came from the Library #tlchat #librarydisplay

photo 2 (10)

It came from the library!

This giant library monster appears to have risen up out of the floor and envelops our book display area.  We have collected our books about monsters and beasts and put them on around the monster.   I could envision some kind of slime trail, but have not done it yet.

We happened to have the mannequin modeling our school sweatshirt and we noticed it could make a nice “scream” posture, so we added it to the display. after we taped a scream face to it.

photo 3 (11)

Here’s some pictures to see the structure I used to make the 1 (11)  I took a big cardboard box and opened it up, keeping the bottom flaps for support, and the top flaps for height.  When I overlapped some of the flaps and attached them to each other with hot glue, the structure was much more stable.  I added two triangles to help it stay upright, then put some heavy books on it to balance it.   I covered the front with green bulletin board paper and added some eyes.  photo 3 (12)

The eyes are paper plates with a free printable cut out on them.  I made eyelashes by cutting a fringe in a piece of black construction paper.  I curled a few of them.

The arms are each two pieces of green bulletin board paper cut to the shape i liked, taped at the top seam with packing tape and stuffed with packing paper, you can see some of the packing paper peeking out of the bottom of this 2 (11)


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