Robots challenge students to read Sci-Fi #librarydisplay

photo 1 (18)

Telling our students that “Reality is for beings who can’t handle science fiction” must be working, since three books were checked out from this display in the first three hours that it was up.

My theory is that moving books around so that patrons see different books really helps circulation.  Plus I have a lot of fun making new displays.  photo 2 (17)

This one was inspired by one of our guidance counselors who saw my our display shelving unit and said, “That looks like a robot.”  It just needed a face and some arms, and voila, a robot.  We made the arms by folding two pieces of paper accordion style.

The other robot came from a piece of packaging that was around a projector.  I saw it in the tech office and asked if I could have it since it yelled out “face” or “spaceship” to me.  I mounted it on a sign we have and wrote the quote on it.  I added some other packing materials.  The hands for both of the robots are made from a big piece of cardboard tube that I sawed at home.  I then cut a piece of it out with a scissors.

Some of the books on the one robot are non-fiction books about robots that we wanted to highlight, but then there are sci-fi books as well, most relating to robots, but some not.


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