A Menorah made of books! Along with a Christmas tree. #librarydisplay #tlchat

photo 1 (20) Just in time for Chanukah and for Christmas, we’ve made a Menorah and a Christmas tree out of discarded books.  I’ve see three different types of Christmas trees, but never a Menorah.  My assistant said, “Even you, Toni, cannot make a Menorah out of books.”  The gauntlet was thrown down, and so I had to try.  It was really very simple, if I added a thin scrap of plywood that I had in my basement.  photo 4 (11)I added some battery operated candles that I purchased for decorating my house and voila!  It turns out the Christmas tree was more difficult.This is the first display that I have made that I have seen a student take pictures of.

Now, what to do about Kwanzaa?  Maybe I will tackle that one next year.

Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, I hope it is a happy one!photo 2 (19)photo 3 (17)


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