Placeholders for ebooks using DVD cases #tlchat

Placeholders for ebooksDo you want to feature your ebooks in a physical format?  We made placeholders for our ebooks by making a cover and spine for each book and put them inside a DVD case.  We will be shelving them or putting them on display as we could a bound book.

The back of each cover has a QR code that leads them to our Magic Wall (since we use Baker and Taylor for fiction ebooks).  We also added the web address and directions for how to get there from our catalog.

The spine of each has a block of color that matches the cover picture and the title in a clear contrasting font.  I got a picture of the YA categorization label that we use and added it to the file.  The spine label is a text box that we can change.

photo 2 (21) We don’t plan on making a placeholder for every ebook we own, maybe just ones that are popular or that we’d like to add in a display.

You could easily use old VHS cases for this as well.  We just happened to weed and recycle all of those already.  I bought a bunch of cases very cheaply online.  I wish I could have upcycled.  We also don’t have tons of shelf space in our fiction sections, so thought the slimmer DVD case was the better option.

This idea came from a session that I led at AASL in 2013 about motivating teens and tweens to read.  Under the topic of displays, I asked the crowd what to do about ebooks in displays and the wonderful group came up with this placeholder idea.  Fourteen months later, we were able to do it.  I designed the template, and my assistant went and made many more.  After about six hours of work she has about 30 1 (22)


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