Sob-o-meter display with student interaction #librarydisplays

photo 1 (23)

This has been up for a few hours and already the students are congregating in front of it and talking about which were the saddest books, or how many of them they have read.

photo 1 (24)We’re asking students to rate the books by writing a title on a sticky note and adding it to our scale.   It runs from sniff, on the left, to weep  at the center, with sob being at the far right.

Pictured here are the directions  a long with stickies and a pen (attached by a ribbon to a clipboard).

photo 3 (19)So far, not many titles have been added by students, but there has been more conversation about books than usual, which is good.   I will post pictures at the end of the week of the sob-o-meter, hopefully filled up with sticky notes.

It was a simple matter to make the bigger tissue boxes.  I just cut a slot in the top of two boxes, then wrapped the boxes in dollar store wedding wrapping paper, and added a piece of wrapping tissue into the slot of each.


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