Superhero display and photo booth for midterm exams #librarydisplay

photo 1 (26)Since it is a pretty tense time around here because of exam week, we decided to lighten it up a bit and have a superhero display.

This sign would not have been so time-consuming, but I drew the block letters myself and colored them in.  I will not do that again.  It took way too long compared to printing them and cutting them out.   The layered pop-out look is all over pinterest.  I just used three pieces of bulletin board paper over my white sign, yellow, red, and black (the black is only black on one side, and white on the other).  I cut a small hole in all three pieces and then used a scissors to cut towards the outside.  It was not difficult at all.

Thphoto 4 (12)e really fun part about this display is the superhero photo booth, an idea I also stole from pinterest.  Students can choose props and take a photo of themselves.  I’ve asked them to tag their photos #afssuperheroes.   We will see how many post them.

Superhero photo propsThe choice of props is fun: a red cape, batman mask, superman logo, spiderman logo, wonder woman cuffs (on toilet paper rolls), and a callout that says “I vanquished my (fill in the blank) exam.


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