Periodic table of book genres #librarydiplay

Use the Library, It's ElementalWe had a lot of fun putting together this periodic table of book genres.  We got pretty creative with the genres in order to display some of those mini-genres that don’t warrant their own display.  For instance, “Cults.”  photo 4 (14)There are a few good YA books that feature cults, so we chose to put them in this display.

We got the idea from Pinterest, but made it our own by only using abbreviations for real elements and putting their correct number in the corner.  photo 1 (29)We wanted a dragon category, but there wasn’t an element that worked for dragons, so we chose “Fr”, calling it “Flying Reptiles.”

You could customize this display to show off any small category you can think of that might get a book checked out, or that might just amuse someone.

photo 1 (31) photo 1 (27) photo 2 (30) photo 3 (22)  photo 4 (13) photo 2 (26)photo 2 (28) photo 3 (23) photo 1 (30) photo 2 (29) photo 3 (24) photo 4 (15) photo 3 (25) photo 4 (16)


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