Blind Date with a books, leveled for middle and high school students #librarydisplays

Blind Date with a book, leveled for three different age groups

When we had our first Blind Date with a Book display two years ago, we had some issues with 6th graders taking out books, unwrapping them, and immediately returning them because they were aimed at high school students.  So this year, we leveled the wrapped books.  We aren’t being dogmatic about the age differences, but we hope it will cut down on the unwrap and return issue.

The books for 5th and 6th graders are wrapped in patterned paper and have a sign that says, “Do you like me?” about the books.   photo 3 (30)

The section for 7th and 8th graders features striped photo 1 (34)wrapping paper and a sign that asks, “Go out with me?.”

The books for our high school aged students are wrapped in colored paper.  The sign photo 2 (34)asks, “Ready for a Relationship?”.

We photocopied the barcodes onto scrap paper and taped them to the back of the wrapping paper.

In the first few hours that this display has been up, we’ve had three books get checked out.  We will have to find out how the dates have gone.

Writing the ads for the front of the books is so much fun, but must be done when one has creative energy.  Here are some of the ads.   photo 2 (33) photo 3 (29) photo 4 (18)

The first wrapped book is The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.  The middle is for a cookie cookbook, and the striped wrapping hides Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.


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