Civil Rights Display for Selma march 50th anniversary #librarydisplays

photo 2 (36)

In honor of Abington Friends School History Day, yesterday, we put together this display.  History day in our high school focused on the Voting Rights Act, so this display includes information about the marches in Selma in 1965, as well as about other actions of the Civil Rights movement.

While I was assembling this, it really hit me that if you want something to change, you must take action.  Waiting for someone else to do it just doesn’t work.

Below the display of books, I put black and white images from the civil rights movement mounted on black paper.

To the right of this display is a small grouping of historical fiction that photo 1 (37)is set in the time of the Civil Rights Movement. There is a tiny sign explaining that.

Luckily with the 50th anniversaries of many of these movements, there has been a whole bunch of beautiful books published recently.  They look great in this display.


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