We’re playing “Stump the Librarians” in the library this week. #TLchat

Stump the Librarians

Students are invited to submit questions this week to see if they can stump us.  Here are the rules.

  • Questions must be answerable and not of a personal nature. For example “Who did I go out with in 6th grade?” is not allowed.
  • You have found or know the answer. If not, you must need the information for a class.
  • Librarians will have 3 school days to find the answer.
  • Questions may be submitted only February 23-26.
  • Questions and their answers will be posted in the library.
  • Max 3 questions per person. If you submit more than 3, we will choose our favorite three to answer. (The easiest!)
  • Questions that need clarification will be posted on a board in the library. Please look to see if your question is there.
  • Any questions that stump the librarians shall be declared winners.
  • Winners will receive their face on a READ poster or bookmark.

To submit your questions, please write your name, the date, and your question on a piece of paper and put it in the box in the library.

When we’ve played this game in the past, we found that most of the participants were older boys.  I wonder if that will continue?   This game takes up a lot of time during the week, but we planned it when we knew we were between research projects.  It keeps us on our toes!


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