Stump the Librarian results

photo 1 (41)Here are the results from our stump the librarian contest

  • 53 questions answered.
  • 3 waiting for clarification from the person who posed the question.
  • 2 questions stumped us so far
  • about 20 disqualified questions (no name, or unanswerable, or personal questions)

Topics ranged from unicorns to video game glitches to legitimate science questions.

One of our favorite questions was , “What is the origin of the term “pushing the envelope?”  We found out it has nothing to do with stationery, but a mathematical envelope.

We were asked at least two questions that helped a student further their research for history papers.

The question that took the most perseverance was about a German war message, a “kriegs not meldungen.”  We were given an encoded message with no spaces, and we figured out it must be in enigma code from WWII.  Eventually we learned enough about enigma, that we could search for examples of enigma.  I found a picture of the original message online.  Here is the original question and our answer:photo 3 (32)photo 4 (20)

Here is how we are displaying the questions that need clarification and the ones that stumped us.

photo 2 (40)


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