Well behaved women seldom make history #librarydisplay with photo op!

photo 4 (21)As we were making our “Well behaved women seldom make history” display, one of our amazing guidance counselors, Ryan, remarked, “I hope my face will be up there.”  This got me thinking, and I decided that we all needed an opportunity for our face to be in the middle of all of the famous faces. So, there she is right up there with other women who were not so well behaved.  We had fun making the book that makes the photo opportunity.  We even added a spine label, “B YOU” and put an old barcode on it.

photo 2 (41)We had so many good books about women who were not considered well behaved, and in doing so made some changes to their world, that we had to bring this display almost down to the floor to fit them all!

In addition, we have a large screen nearby that has a rotating display of quotes by some of these women, as well as some others that we did not have a book for.  For example, our Malala book is checked out at the moment, so a picture and quote of her is on the rotating display.  This one from Mother Teresa happened to be rotating by when I took the picture.photo 2 (42)


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