Pac Man takes over the library! #librarydisplay

photo 3 (28) photo 1 (34)

Pac Man has taken over the library for the week, accompanied by a display of fiction and non-fiction books that feature video games.

The ideas for this sign and the pac man board on the floor came from Pinterest.  I added two things to the sign:  The ghost has the word “ignorance” written at the bottom.   So if you don’t read, Ignorance will catch up with you!  photo 2 (32)The yellow dots on the sign are actually small yellow book covers.

Students have been walking the board on the floor.  It might be too chaotic if I made wearable characters.

To make the board, I found some white-ish masking tape at the dollar store.  I printed a picture of the pac-man board.  I did most of it free hand, but should have used a carpenter’s square to get the right angles correct.  It turned out a little bit wonky.  It took me an hour of floor crawling and crouching to make this.  Standing up afterwards was a struggle and the backs of my legs were sore all weekend!

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