Under the sea; Explore new worlds: Read! #librarydisplay

IMG_0829This underwater theme was so much fun to make!  We have a lot of water related books.  The ones on display include books about shipwrecks, fish, pirates- all a combination of fiction and non-fiction.

The thing that inspired this was a picture of these shower cap jellyfish that I saw on Pinterest.  We decided we wanted to make a whole underwater display.IMG_0834  I also have hung some of the jellyfish from a light in front of this display.

I made the coral from Great Stuff.  Here are the directions IIMG_0831 followed.

The border at the bottom of the display was fortuitous.  Years ago when I moved into a beat up house, I found this wallpaper border for my 7 year old’s room.  By the time I got around to decorating her room, she was too old for the underwater theme we had planned.  I just found it a few weeks ago in my craft room. I bought it at Lowe’s in 2007.   IMG_0833 I made the jellyfish with some dollar store shower caps and white curling ribbon.  I just used scotch tape to attach the ribbon to inside of the elastic.  I used 9 or 10 ribbons for each one.  On the display I used left over book covering material (the stiff kind for paperback books) to attach the jellyfish.  I used two pieces, taking off the backing and putting the sticky pieces toward each other.  I inserted a piece of fish line while I did that and hung the jellyfish from the fish line.  Right now it is attached with scotch tape, but it does not stick well.  If I had a needle big enough at school I may have pierced a hole in the top, threaded the line through the hole and tied a knot.IMG_0830


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