Let your Inner Light Shine #librarydisplay

IMG_0891Abington Friends School is a Quaker School.  In most years we choose a Quaker theme for the year.  This year’s theme is the Inner Light.  Quakers believe that each person has “that which is of God” inside of them.  This is often referred to as the “Inner Light.”  The Inner Light is not just the piece of God that inspires individuals, but also the things that joins all humans together.  I hope this non-Quaker kind of captured the idea there.  I imagine Christian schools could make a display with “Let Your Light Shine”, in a similar fashion.

Anyway, we decided to display our books about people who made a difference in the world as well as books about how teens can make a difference and stand up for change with the theme “Let Your Inner Light Shine”.

The focal point is a mason jar that is painted silver on the inside, except for some clear spots.  I put a small string of lights inside the jar and put a lid on it.  There is a battery pack for the lights hidden behind a book.


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