Teenagers still like stickers

IMG_1050This week we are reusing an old display idea.  Our students are rating books against the movie.  This time, we’re only using movies that have come out in the last two years (that we own a copy of the book that inspired the movie.)  The students are really enjoying the stickers.  This time I made “retweet” stickers by copying a retweet symbol onto label paper. I wanted hearts for a “like”, but my dollar store didn’t have ones I liked, so I got some smiley face stickers instead.  At the last minute, I also put out the facebook “like” symbol I made two years ago.  Students are using those creatively, place some of the them so they are a thumbs down symbol.

Also on display are books that are being made into movies this year.  There are two pieces of good news about this display- students are getting involved by putting stickers on the display, and at least four books were checked out in the first three days it was up.



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