Cook with Books (and a giant cupcake) #librarydisplay


Our school library owns a lot of really gorgeous cookbooks, so we wanted to highlight them.  We made a giant cupcake to draw attention to the books.  The good news is that students are drawn to the display, but then they actually have been standing and looking at the books!

Here are directions on how we made the giant food.  The cupcake directions are first.  Scroll down if you want only the lollipop directions.

List of materials: a round table, five pieces of poster board, packing paper, a brown blanket or fabric, quilting batting, chenille stems, and a small red playground ball.


FIMG_1057irst, you need a round coffee table or IMG_1059end table.  I happen to have this one at home and brought it in.  I used five sheets of red poster board, fan folding it and taping the sheets together as I finished each one. I used clear packing tape.  I also taped parts of the poster board to the edge of the table so it would keep its shape.



Next I piled some packing paper on the table and tried to shape it like the top of a cupcake.  I added more paper as needed.



IMG_1061I purchased a chocolate colored blanket for a precious chocolate display that we mounted, and I re-used that blanket in this cupcake.  I wrapped the blanket over the packing paper and tucked it in.  I think it looks pretty convincing. A couple of yards of fabric would work, too.  Now for the frosting.



I went to the fabric store and bought some quilting batting, IMG_1065a bag for a single sized quilt.  I cut a piece of it off and arranged it to look like frosting.  It took a little while to arrange it- this is my second attempt.

I cut up some chenille stems (pipe cleaners)  to make jimmies and sprinkled them around.IMG_1064


The top needed something in the middle and I had just the right red play ball at my house to make a cherry.  I saw that someone else had spray painted a styrofoam ball red to make a cherry, but this was free and easy.


You will need 2 pool noodles,  colored tape, clear tape, an empty wrapping paper roll, white paper to cover the roll, clear plastic or large seran wrap, and a bit of ribbon.

IMG_1069I wrapped two pool noodles with blue tape. I taped the two noodles together end to end and then started wrapping them in a circle.  I put a piece of clear packing tape across the back after each round. (I couldn’t take a photos as both of my hands were needed, but here is a photo of the back of the IMG_1070lollipop after I finished wrapping it.  Then I covered an empty wrapping paper tube with white paper, taping it to what I determined to be the bottom.  I wrapped the lollipop in giant seran wrap, and added a small ribbon to the spot where the stem meets the lollipop.

I would have made more of these, or in different colors, but the end of January is not the time to find pool noodles at the dollar store!  I already had some green ones that I was planning on using as plant stems later.




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