Will my one-liner get me checked out? #librarydisplay

IMG_1077 (1)

We got this one off of Pinterest, of course.

We wrapped each book and put it’s first line on the cover.  They are all very captivating first lines.  The list of our first lines and the books we used are here.

It’s been up for an hour and already two books have been checked out.  A different student stood looking at the display for a long time, reading each first line.  She was trying to guess what books they come from.  I might make a matching game with more familiar first lines in the future.

Because our library includes 5th through 12th grades, we wrapped books for middle school readers in a different colors paper (stripes).  When we’ve had “Blind Date with a book” before, younger students would check out a book, unwrap it, and immediately return in.  Last year we color coded, and it cut down on that problem.

We copied the bar code on the book before wrapping and I tape it onto the back, so we can check them out before they are unwrapped.



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