Get Caught Up in a Good Book #librarydisplay #superheroes

It’s Spirit Week at Abington Friends School.  For the past few years our students have chosen a theme for the week, and the year’s theme is Superheroes.  The students will be decorating the hallways with superheroes, so we’ve gotten the library into the theme for the week, too.  IMG_1086

I saw a version of this theme on Pinterest, and made my own.  I printed a photo of Spiderman crouching and shooting out his net onto a transparency and put it on an old school overhead projector.  Then I traced it onto white paper.  I used tempera paints.  Luckily the red was thin enough that I was able to use a permanent marker on the “web” on Spiderman’s outfit before I painted it and they still showed through.  I think a watercolor might work as well.  I cut out the Spiderman, mounted him on a large piece of cardboard covered in black paper, added the words, and then the web.

IMG_1087 (1)

This display would look so much better with a white web or net, but librarians who need a web in February cannot be picky.  I had a black spiderweb in my attic that I had bought on clearance in November a few years ago.  No one at school had a white net that I could use (and I asked in a blanket email), so I had to use the black.  I guess I could try spray painting it, but that would be very messy.


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