Pop Open Some Chick Lit #librarydisplay

IIMG_1094t’s the first week of March and we needed to jump start spring.  We decided to mount a Chick Lit display that I’ve seen on Pinterest.  I ordered the chicks from amazon a while ago.   While puttinIMG_1096g up the display after school on Fridays (as is my habit), I asked some girls who were waiting for a ride to help me distribute the chicks around.  IMG_1095 Together we were admiring the chicks and I was inspired to add the line, “Get a chick with check out” to the bottom of the sign.

So far this promotion seems to be having an effect. It’s Monday at 10am and we’ve already checked out five books to middle school girls.  They were very excited about their chicks, and a few were happy with the books they picked out.

Our school is pretty diverse for a suburban independent school.  So I intentionally grabbed chick lit with Latinas, Jewish girls, Asian girls, and African American girls on the covers.  This morning, one middle school girl was looking at the display and she saw the book The truth about my Bat Mitzvah by Nora Raleigh Baskin.  She scooped that one up, saying, “Well, I’m Jewish, and I’m going to have a Bat Mitzvah soon.” Score!



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