March Madness #librarydisplay

IMG_1129Many of our students seem obsessed at the moment with March Madness, so I thought I would capitalize on that obsession.    It seems to have worked, not from how many books I’ve checked out, but in the buzz that it has created. I usually put up new displays on Friday after school, so they are ready for Monday morning.   I was with some students on Saturday for our National History Day regional competition and one of them said to me, “I saw your display on Snapchat.”  Wow.  I feel like I really made it.  Students were Snapchatting about my display?

This was a relatively easy display to put together, especially since I have a list saved of basketball books.  All I had to do was search for the new ones published since I last put up a basketball display.  Though I only have three books, two non-fiction and one fiction, that feature girl.  The other 37 are about boys.  There is not a lot a equality yet in this area.

There were two difficult things about the physical set up of this display.  The first was the basketball hoop, which is an over the door model.  How could I get it to stand up without a door?  I ended up putting two clear acrylic sign holders underneath it, and it is staying upright.  If someone tries dunking off of it, it will fall.  The second it making a semi-circle out of masking tape.  First I used a compass from our math department that holds chalk and is pretty large.  I drew the semi-circle in chalk, as well as a rough draft of the other lines.  Putting the straight lines on the carpet with tape was easy, but for the semi-circle I had to make little pleats in the tape so I could turn it.  It looks okay, but you can see them if you look.


In this photo you can kind of see the acrylic frames holding up the hoop.



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