Read a Book; Grow Your Mind #librarydisplay

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It’s a very gloomy week in the Philadelphia area, especially for the first week of May.  I knew we needed some flowers, so I made giant tissue paper ones.  There are many directions on Pinterest. I followed a few different ones until I found one that I liked best.

I attached the tissue paper flowers to a green pool noodle with floral wire that I happened to have.  There are different thicknesses of pool noodles out there.  I found out that the Family Dollar pool noodle is the thickest and longest for your dollar.  The Dollar Tree ones are much too thin to hold up a flower head.

The flower/noodle combination does not stand up well on it’s own, so I looked around for a way to balance them.  I happened to have two long thin boxes that were identical.  I attached each noodle to the box  with floral wire. The wire is sharp enough that I could push is through the noodle and the box without making holes beforehand. I twisted the wires together inside the box. The wire became tighter than this.IMG_1309 (2)




Additionally, I needed to shore up the flower stems once I had them up on the display.  I had some stretchy clear line used for making bracelets.  I strung that across between my two lamps and wrapped it around each stem as I went.  I can adjust each stem slightly. with this arrangement.

I made green leaves out of tissue paper and floral wire. If you don’t have floral wire, chenille stems will work, but look much clunkier.  Here are the way I made the leaves:

  1. Twist three pieces of floral wire together at the top. IMG_1311







2. Bow the two outside pieces outward to form the leaf, leaving the middle piece to form a stem.  Twist the three pieces together again.IMG_1312IMG_1313 (1)











3. Cut a piece of tissue paper to be the same shape as your leaf, but make it about an inch bigger on each side.  Put dots of white glue all the way around your leaf and fold the edges over. Here is the bottom of the finished leaf. You can bend it to have a three dimensional shape.IMG_1314IMG_1315




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