About tvahlsing

I’m the Director of Libraries at Abington Friends School.  I have fallen in love with shaking things up every week at my library and highlighting a new set of books.  Along the way, creativity sometimes hits.  I work with an awesome assistant, who helps come up with these ideas. We usually change the display on Friday afternoons.  I also am lucky enough to have a parent volunteer who comes in once a week and can shelve the items coming off of the displays.

The students now expect something new often. I have alumni who follow my library’s  facebook page (where I also post about my displays) because they miss seeing the new things we do.   In 2016 I put up the March Madness display on Friday after school.  On Saturday, I was pleased that a student said to me, “I saw your new display on SnapChat. It looks awesome.”  I felt better than if I had been in an article in the NYTimes.  If I made my students’s SnapChat story, then I’ve hit my audience.

This blog is mostly a place where I post directions or musings about each new display that we mount.


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