Banned Book Week 2016 #librarydisplay


For this year’s Banned Book Week display, we went big on the display, with less books.  I made a giant silhouette of someone standing up.  The person could be male or female, which I liked. If you want more information about how I made the silhouette so large, skip  or read to the end of this post.

For the banned books, I put a black band around a selection of books that I got from the ALA website.  I cut out the blurbs about why each book was banned, but did not include the title on the front.  I put that on the back. The bands are also loose enough that they slide up and down and students could see the cover that way.fullsizerender-1

I decided to make the giant silhouette because the theme for National History Day this year is “Taking a Stand in History” and I figured I could use my silhouette for that display as well.  It will show up again next week.

Here is how I made it.  I am sorry that I didn’t take photos.

  1. I found a large furniture box that when I cut it open and cut off the flaps was about 8 feet long.
  2. I also had collected a large cardboard tube (from our robotics club).
  3. I looked for a suitable silhouette on google images and printed it out on transparency film.
  4. I laid the cardboard sideways and projected the image on an overhead projector, tracing around the outline of the silhouette.
  5. Then I cut it out with an exacto knife.
  6. I hot glued my silhouette to the long tube I had to give it some stability.
  7. I covered the silhouette with black paper to cover the folds in the cardboard.  This was the most time consuming part since I had to make slits in the paper to wrap the paper around the contours of the cardboard.
  8. Next I put white paper between the legs of the silhouette to cover the cardboard tube.

That’s about it.  Here a photo from the side so you can see the tube.fullsizerender-4





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