Taking a Stand in History #NHD2017 #library display

fullsizerender-5To kick off National History Day 2017, we’ve put together a library display with some interesting books that might spark a student’s topic.  Our 9th graders have to choose a topic in the 19th century, and we’ve focused most of the display books on that time period.  Most of our other students have already chosen a topic for their projects.

We’ve reused the giant silhouette from our Banned Book Week Display.  If you want some directions on how to make one, go to the previous week’s post.

I own a cricut machine that I bought just to make displays.  It is great.  I found the marchers on google image and cut them out on the cricut.  I also cut out the letters on the same machine and glued them onto my banner paper.

I chose books that go with this year’s National History Day theme “Taking a Stand in History”.  There are so many great topics that could be inspired by this theme. I got some ideas from the NHD website, but were my ideas.




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