Time Travel display with Tardis #librarydisplay

Making this display was fun, though I built the Tardis over several weeks. fullsizerender-36 I had planned on making it from a smaller box, part of a golf club box, but I was walking through the hallways of my school and there were two boxes that, when stacked would be perfect. Directions on how I made it are below.

Besides surrounding this with time travel books, we’ve decided that since the Tardis in Dr. Who just seems to appear from no where, the display will be roaming.  This is its position on day one.  It was too high up for me to add the light fixture, so that came on day two.




Here is the position on day 2.  (There may be a second blog post on this display, showing the other places it shows up in the library.)


It’s actually getting a lot more attention here.  Students are used to seeing displays in the first place I put it.  Here they want to try to enter the Tardis.  The doors don’t really open all the way, and I’m telling them they should not go inside as they don’t know where in time they might end up!

Here’s how I made the Tardis:

  1. fullsizerender-31I cut the flaps off of both boxes and taped them together with packing tape.
  2. fullsizerender-30I made the trim for the top with a smaller amazon box and some packing foam that I had that was slightly bigger than the box.  I just cut a hole for the amazon box in the  foam.

fullsizerender-323. I cut doors in the front of the stacked boxes with a box knife.






4. fullsizerender-34I wrapped the whole thing with light blue paper.
I used rolled tape and some two-sided tape, but then finished up the edges with hot glue.  This was the most tricky part.  Especially wrapping the doors.  I’m not that great at gift wrapping! I don’t have a photo of the big box wrapped, but not painted, but you get the idea.

5.  I painted the whole thing with blue tempura paint and a large brush.  I purposely left streaks to make it seem weathered.










fullsizerender-37I added the windows and signage as well as the details on the doors.

To make the light on the top, I cut a hole in the center of the top molding (what was the amazon box).  I traced the lid of a mason jar.  I drew on the glass with a permanent marker.  I found this flashing light at Home Depot for a few dollars (It was Black Friday).  to make the light more visible, I put it on top of a part of a paper towel tube that I covered in foil.













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