Treat your selfie to a good book #librarydisplay

While brainstorming display ideas, my assistant, Laura and I thought about making a photography display.  She came up with the phrase “treat your selfie to a good book”. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to use that phrase to create this display-  one where staff and students recommend books to one another by taking a selfie with a book. img_2109  If our library owns the book, and if it is available, the books is on the display next to the selfie.  The display keeps growing as more students see it and want to add their own selfies.

I asked students a few weeks ago via an email and an announcement to do this, but not many did until they saw what I already had.  I had good success if I approached my known readers and asked them personally.  Some of those agreed, but did not follow through.

The phone I made is supposed to be the Siri screen on an iphone. Instead of a service provider it says “books” and instead of a clock says “anytime.” I used black paper for the screen with white colored pencil and a white paint marker.  I did cut out a black paper button, but outlined it with white colored pencil.






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