Guess the theme Fall 2017 #librarydisplay

Our guess the theme display is so hard this year that this student pulled up a chair so he could spend some time trying to guess.  Others have taken photos to keep working on it at their convenience.


It’s been difficult to get a clear photo of it today as there have been often been groups gathered puzzling over what the theme could be.

We love this activity so much that we may have to do it again later in the school year.  The hardest part is coming up with the theme.  I will not post the answer to this one here as my students are very curious and may find this blog.

Past themes have been:

  • Books with homophones or homonyms
  • Books with direction names (north, south, east, west) in the title.
  • Books with colors in title or authors’ names.

So much fun!


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